I am lucky I get to spend my days at my home base with my best tattoo buds, Chris 51, Jeff Wortham, Casey Baker, Kyler Shinn, Chris Akins and the impeccable Stockton Lee. Katie 51 also is there ready to take off your shitty tattoos with Laser Tattoo Removal! This November marks the 1 year anniversary tattooing at Wizard World Comic Cons with the Geeksterink Legends. We tour at least half of the comic cons on the docket, appearing at a major city near you! For the latest Geeksterink Travel Schedule, click here. I book out for these shows many months in advance, so please inquire swiftly if you want to get in with me! I have some usual spots I will appear at least once a year, Like Shades of Grey in Edmonton, AB, Canada; Endless Art in den Haag, Netherlands; Venom Ink, Sanford, ME; and 2016 is offering many more places! I am also found at Fallen Angel Tattoo, Citrus Heights, Sacramento, CA throughout the year. 2016 should see me in the UK, Wales, Ireland; New Zealand, and Brazil!

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